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Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Bunch of Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

I was checking other people's blogs and to my surprise, one entry from Sherry's Blog got my attention. Her entry "#100FACTSABOUT SHERRY :)" inspired me to come up with my own list of about me's that some of my friends would (but probably don't mind) or would not know about me and my life.

Let's get going with the list.
  1. When I was a young boy, I wanted to perform in front of people by singing! Until puberty made it's case and I fell in love with basketball. I still sing though, exclusively in the shower room and alone in the house.
  2. I still dream of singing in front of an audience and one day singing for my loved one.
  3. My family and relatives actually think I am smart, the early signs point out when I graduated Nursery as 1st honor and Kindergarten as 2nd honor. Years passed by and I went from being "smart" to "just ordinary". High School ad College came and my classmates also think that I am smart. I don't know what did they see in me!
  4. I graduated College as the top student for Computer Science (with a BIG class size of 9 students).
  5. I enjoyed watching Batibot and Sesame Street but never ATBP.
  6. I became independent going round trip from San Pedro, Laguna to Manila (where I finished my elementary) as early as the age of 9. The fare from San Pedro to Buendia back then was "only" fifteen pesos and traffic is the next worst thing (thank you, Skyway construction) after brownouts during the 90's.
  7. When I was in Grade Six, I am always an hour late from classes, (thank you Skyway construction) good thing though is that the schedule of the subjects is also rotating so I got a chance to miss all subjects at one point in time.
  8. Before graduating from elementary, I got into dancing. I "stopped" by 2nd year High School again because of that crazy thing called basketball.
  9. I almost made it to the Elementary Basketball Varsity team. Too bad though, I was the 13th member and was cut before the District Meet began. I transferred to another school after completing my elementary level at Saint Anthony School.
  10. I also became a participant of art contests during elementary days, hence my fondness of drawing grew each year until now.
  11. I also participated in quiz bees during elementary days. I won once though!
  12. I was a Boy Scout during elementary days and always joined camping wherever it may be. My memorable trip was in Mt. Makiling and camping out in Rizal Park with other delegates from other schools and yes, there was a visit in Bicutan's drug rehab center where I met Ritchie D'Horsie.
  13. For some reason, I indicated my dream in my Elementary Yearbook is to be a Comedian. Looks like the dream is finally materializing. ~.~
  14. Math is one of my strongest points.
  15. I never miss an issue of Funny Komiks and Komedi Komiks during the 90's until my father stopped buying.
  16. I am a Combatron fan until now.
  17. When I as a little boy, I wanted to be a scientist.
  18. Growing up, I wanted to become a professional basketball cager and play in the PBA.
  19. My first year in High School was full of activities, joined and played for the school Basketball Team, trained with the school's baseball team, competed in chess, volleyball and table tennis.
  20. My baby thesis in College was about wandering souls, exorcisms and other supernatural beings. I passed because the panel was as confused as I am during the defense proper.
  21. I stopped my alcohol intake last May 2009 because of doctors orders. My Uric Acid levels shoot up every time I take something rich in purine. I still wanted to play ball so I chose to stop alcohol for good.
  22. Spaghetti is my favorite. Serve me one and I will do justice to your cooking. I like it with a lot of cheese. :)
  23. Sinigang is my viand. Again, serve me one and I will do justice to your cooking. Extra rice please!
  24. I like cheese. A lot actually.
  25. Chips Ahoy is my choice of cookie.
  26. I prefer Nissin's Yakisoba (Spicy Chicken) than Lucky Me! Pancit Canton. Funny thing though, growing up with my cousins, we always had Lucky Me! Pancit Canton.
  27. I played a lot of "street" games growing up. Patintero, "Football", Moro-Moro, Taguan-Pong, Open The Basket, Monkey-Monkey-Anabelle, Langit-Lupa to name a few.
  28. At my age, I still don't know how to swim.
  29. I learned to ride a single bike when I was 10 years old.
  30. I have a crush on Caley Cuoco, one of the reasons I never miss an episode of The Big Bang Theory.
  31. I was not able to learn how to play any musical instrument, proficiently, tried learning on how to play the guitar, rondalla and octavina and unfortunately, I got stuck with the basics.
  32. I wanted to try my hand in playing the keyboards seeing that I might be able to finally play an instrument given proper training and motivation, I believe I can.
  33. When I find a girl pretty, no one can change how I see her. When I tell you that you are pretty, I really do mean that I find you pretty.
  34. I only had one serious relationship for 5 years and 9 months, she was my high school sweetheart. I am single for more than five years as of this writing.
  35. I like Rom-Com movies, in a way, these types of films inspire me.
  36. I like to read Inspirational books.
  37. I see it as a compliment when people tell me that funny people are considered as "intelligent people" because on how fast they think of punch lines and one liners to crack.
  38. I'm hooked into online gaming. I maintain accounts in FlyFFph and GrandChasePH.
  39. I always wanted to be a Cosplayer. What character to play is still a question and when will I do it remains hanging in the air.
  40. I got into mountain climbing last November 2010 and I found it very nice. I'm hooked! Here is the page of our "team" -
  41. I tried my hand in a couple run for cause events and same thing with mountain climbing, I'm hooked!
  42. I like rubber shoes, a lot actually. When I am in the mall, I will make certain that I will check out new sneakers for my eyes' pleasure.
  43. I am a Boyzone fan.
  44. Whatever fast food chain I am in, I always make sure that I have french fries when I order burger meals.
  45. My first job is sill my current job. Got this job in December 2004.
  46. I cannot blow a bubble with a bubble gum.
  47. I like Dunkin' Donuts and my favorite donut is BOSTON CREME!
  48. I will have Catsup with my Fried Chicken rather than than Gravy.

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