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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

What's More Effective: Police Stick versus Pepper Spray

There have been an increase in reports of crime in the news and there is a need for people to take extra precaution to protect themselves from possible attackers. We have always been told that prevention is better than cure. Making some extra effort to equip ourselves with self defense weapon is better than feeling sorry because we will never know when an attacker may strike.

If we go on the internet to check, there are many different types of self defense weapons available such as flashlight stun guns, pepper sprays, police sticks or batons, and many others. But before you purchase anyone of these, make sure that whatever you intend to buy is approved or legalized in your country. You can easily find all types of collapsible batons which can collapse into themselves for easy storage and for carrying around. It can be carried around in a purse or briefcase and can be hidden from potential threats. 

These police sticks or batons are not mere sticks. When faced with an assailant, grip firmly on the expandable baton to avoid the baton being snatched away. In order to strike the assailant, you will need to move closer before striking the assailant’s leg or hand. An expandable police stick can also be used to block on coming kicks or blows from the assailant. Unless you are trained to handle a baton, a stronger assailant can easily wrestle the baton away and over power a weaker and untrained person.

For those from the weaker sex, arming yourself with a pepper spray is more effective than a police stick. Pepper spray can cause intense discomfort and immobility on the assailant. Since the effects can last for up to an hour, you will have plenty of time to run to a safer place. Pepper spray is inexpensive and a non-lethal defense product.

Anyone can use a pepper spray without needing any special training. Besides pepper spray and police stick, there are also stun guns and tasers for sale. A taser gun is a powerful and non-lethal self defense weapon that can instantly incapacitate an assailant from a distance of up to 15 feet away, giving you plenty of time to escape to get help. Tasers is another convenient weapon to carry with you to keep your safe and secure.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

UnliCity: The place for all unlimited food

UnliCity is the newest hub spot for you to bring your friends and families when you like food and affordable authentic Japanese and Korean dishes. Not only that it’s the biggest restaurant inside the Alfresco Area of Century City Mall but it’s also where you can have unlimited food as it’s finest.

Everything UNLI
Filipinos are in love with BBQs, all grilled and all meat. At UnliCity, fill your tummy for the premier Korean Unlimited BBQ that starts for a slow as Php 399. Check and reserve your seats at Samgyupsalamat inside UnliCity and enjoy. Samgyupsalamat opens from 11AM till 2 AM since UnliCity location doesn’t need to go inside the main entrance of the mall, they have the escalator going up to UnliCity from the entrance across Trump Tower. 

Unli Zooshi at Jinsei
The Operation Manager, Sassy Punzalan who handled the famous Misono Restaurant along Jupiter Street before is the one in charge in UnliCity. Inside UnliCity is where Jinsei is also located that serves Unlimited Zooshi (Sushi) which starts from Php 499 only. You can compare with other Japanese restaurants but then again, their customers keeps coming back repeatedly because of the taste and the cost. Very affordable. Imagine, Unli Sushi. 

The newest offering under UnliCity is the famous, Takoyaki. A mouth watering Japanese delicacy and the staff will cook it in front of you or if you like, you cook it yourself. For only Php 199, you’ll ask for more. 

Here are the other Unli servings inside UnliCity
Unli Yakitori Php 499 | Unli Beer Php 499
Unli Coffee Php 199 | Unli Dessert Php 199

So, what are you waiting for? Reserve your party or events at UnliCity. 

For more information:
Drop by at 3rd Floor, Century City Mall, Kalayaan, Makati City

Phone numbers:
09151500213, 09096105072, 09996506344

GRAND OPENING – Grand Chase: Dimensional Chaser at 7.3.18 | 2PM

On June 23rd, GrandChase – Dimensional Chaser was introduced for the first time in the Philippines through a Press Conference held in Marco Polo Hotel.

And now, the long wait is over for Grand Chase Philippines fans!

KOG Chief Executive Officer Jong-won Lee has announced GrandChase – Dimensional Chaser, a real-time RPG styled game that is hugely popular in Korea, is going to be launched in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store at 2pm July 3rd (PHT).

KOG: GRAND OPENING at 2PM July 3rd (PHT) in the Philippines

Obtain the ORIGINAL GrandChase Heroes through in-game events!
Loads of rewards in celebration of achieving 200,000 pre-registrations!

KOG said "We are so glad that it is in the Philippines where we have unveiled the Global version of the official sequel to GrandChase for the first time. Please enjoy the as we all did with GrandChase PC"

To celebrate the Grand Opening, special events have been prepared, such as chances to obtain GrandChase heroes including the one from the PC version through playing the game. In addition to this, as a big Thank You to the gaming community for accomplishing 200,000 pre-registrations in the Philippines, Premium Hero Summon 10x Bonus and many more will be given out as well.

"GrandChase – Dimensional Chaser" is the official sequel to the hit online game GrandChase and it has been produced by the GrandChase Online Development team. It inherits the original game’s worldview and was released this January in Korea. Since it’s launch in Korea, it had achieved the top game ranking in the Apple App Store and Top 2 of Google Play Store

For more details of "GrandChase – Dimensional Chaser", visit these links:

The official website (
The official Facebook page (

Saturday, June 30, 2018

KOG, GrandChase – Dimensional Chaser Announcement of Official Launch in the Philippines on July 3rd and reached more than 100K Pre-Registrations!

KOG Chief Executive Officer Jong-won Lee has announced that the number of pre-registrations for the real-time RPG Grand Chase – Dimensional Chaser, has reached more than 100K in the Philippines.

On June 23rd, GrandChase – Dimensional Chaser was introduced for the first time in the Philippines through a Press Conference held in Marco Polo Hotel.

"It was a great opportunity to feel the love of the gamers in the Philippines and it was the reason why KOG strove to launch the game in the country as soon as possible." - Rafael HS Noh, Director of KOG

From L-R: Romulo Reyes, Managing Director ELITE GAMES; Rafael HS Noh, Director, KOG; Matthew Park, Product Manager, ELITE GAMES took turns in answering the questions from the media last June 23 in a Press Conference held in Marco Polo Hotel

Thanks to the accomplishment of 100K pre-registrations in the Philippines, all the users who participated would be able to receive monthly rewards of check-in the game such as S Rank Hero Package, 200,000 Gold, 3,000 Prana, and ★3 Monster Card x 10.

GrandChase – Dimensional Chaser is an official sequel to the hit online game Grand Chase and it has been produced by the Original Grand Chase Online Development team. It inherits the original game’s spirit and was released in January in Korea. Since the launch in Korea, it had achieved the top game in the Apple App Store and Top 2 of Google Play Store, and GrandChase – Dimensional Chaser will be be released through it’s local publishing partner, Elite Games.

If you want to participate in the pre-registration for GrandChase – Dimensional Chaser, go to the official website -

Events on Facebook may be checked on

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Vivo seals exciting partnerships with Shopee, Akulaku

Global smartphone brand Vivo has confirmed its partnerships with Shopee Philippines and Akulaku

Vivo Philippines Vice President for Sales Ms. Hazel Bascon and Brand Director Ms. Annie Lim during the launch of the all-new X21 on June 21 at Okada Manila exchanged tokens with the representatives from Shopee Philippines, Ms. Jane Lim, and from Akulaku, Mr. Sean Duxiang. 

With the new partnerships, Vivo has opened its official online store on Shopee Philippines and has given shoppers to buy its smartphones through online installment payment options on Akulaku. 

"We promise a fruitful year of surprises as we forge more partnerships with other brands, such as Shopee Philippines and Akulaku,"

Hazel Bascon; Vivo Philippines Vice President for Sales

Shopee Philippines is an online shopping mall where users can buy and sell anytime and anywhere.

Vivo Philippines newest partner is Shopee Philippines.

Akulaku, meanwhile, is an online installing shopping mall that also provides financial services in Southeast Asian countries. 

Vivo Philippines’ executives welcomed Akulaku as its newest online partner.

"We still have a long year to go and this means more exciting Vivo events are in store in the coming months," Ms. Hazel Bascon added. 

To know more about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at or check out their social media accounts:

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