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Monday, November 5, 2012

Rexona Run 2012 “Outrun Yourself”

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out·run (out-rn)
tr.v. out·ran (-rn), out·run, out·run·ning, out·runs
a. To run faster, farther, or better than;
b. To escape from by or as if by running;
2. To go beyond; exceed;

When I heard about this event, I knew right from the beginning that this is going to be a special event. It's not so often that an event challenges their participants (and reward them at the finish line for successfully completing that said challenge) to outrun themselves. What made this event more interesting is that the RunRio and Rexona Men didn't just issue a challenge, they actually provided enough support so that participants who really wanted to outrun themselves and get the Rexona Run Commemorative Key Chain.

How does an application (downloadable free via the Rexona Men Facebook page) that would help runners set a target time for the category of their choice courtesy of a running playlist and an occasional voice over as their time check (the application will automatically customize a running playlist in sync with a the user's target finishing time), which they can listen to while training sound? The best part of it, this application can be used on the actual run to set the pace therefore giving more chances to finish within the cut-off time. That's technology maximized.

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How about some tips here and there from the race director himself? Rio's Running Reminders was also seen appearing in Facebook pages from time to time until race day. It provided helpful tips for runners who seriously are gunning to outrun themselves come race day.

One example of a tip from Coach Rio - photo from HERE

Then, you also have another innovation - The Volunteer Pacers. They are runner-pacers will be deployed for each race category so that they can help ensure that each participant keeps within their target finishing time. What more help participants get! It doesn't get any better than this! Full support to all runners so that they increase the odds of outrunning themselves.


All was set into place accordingly. The only thing left to do really is to outrun ourselves. The movement of the race (originally August 12, 2012) was a blessing in disguise as participants got another full month to get back on their feet (after the non-stop downpour and flash floods that affected a lot of people in Luzon) and train some more. It was also a classy move by RunRio and Rexona and they were very sensitive about the situation that some of the people in Luzon are in at that time. Some didn't like the idea while others are okay with the postponement. As always, you can't please everyone. Anyway, I think the move was for the greater good of the greater many.

I was one of those who were delighted about the move. For one, I was able to officially register as I failed to do so during the original registration period so I was one of the lucky ones who capitalized on the second chance :)

Needless to say, I signed up for a 5k run and will be attempting to duplicate my best time of 30 minutes and get that Rexona Run Commemorative Key Chain. The original idea is to participate and do some sort of late recovery run after completing a half-marathon for Run United 3 2012. However, after realizing that this opportunity comes but once, I decided to go for it!

The afternoon before that, we had a light workout with our HyperSports Philippines, Inc. Coach and Olympian Rene Herrera at Bonifacio Global City. Working out and having a training session with the country's best truly gave me a boost in morale to outrun myself a few hours going to the race.

Race day came. Still feeling the effects of the Saturday afternoon light workout, I still wanted to perform and outrun myself. The mood was festive at the starting line. I was more inspired when I saw Coach Rene at the starting line which made me more eager to go out and get that reward.

At around 5:50am, 5k runners were released! I had a good start at the first two kilometers maintaining a pace of 6min/km, just right for a 30 minute finish. At around the 1.5km mark, I was delighted to see Coach Rene already going back to finish the race and is currently trying to outrun two more Kenyan runners (he went on to finish 3rd place that morning, he did outrun one Kenyan in a close footrace to secure a podium finish) and I was cheering him on to go all out! Just shows us that athletes train for months, even years and wins or loses in seconds.

Going back, it was unfortunate that I slowed down going to the 3rd kilometer as I made a mistake of asking for a refill at one of the hydration stations. I clocked at 20 minutes on the 3rd kilometer and reducing my chances of a 30 minute finish. I mean, 10 minutes to cover 2 kilometers is doable but I totally had to take a step back when my time showed 28 minutes over four kilometers. That is when I enjoyed the last kilometer of this short run.

I was not able to get that Rexona Run Commemorative Key Chain.That's okay. I was still able to outrun (see definition 1b at the beginning of this entryanother episode of me being hypertensive and obese class 1. When I run, I don't feel that I have been hypertensive my whole life, I feel great! I feel that I am a different person and possibilities are endless when I am on the road running (plus, they say that distance makes the heart stronger). There are going to be other chances to hit that 30 minute finish time but to outrun my hypertension, it means more than a commemorative key chain and a step forward to a fitter body.

Of course, Rexona was also generous enough with the loot bags. The best loot bag of the year for its usefulness. I mean everything in the loot bag is going to be of use for every member of the family. I can only imagine if a few family members joined at this event :)

The population at our house will not outrun the supply of bath and body care anytime over the next two months or so.

I didn't outrun my best time for 5k but I managed to outrun a more important condition in my life - hypertension. That makes me one of the winners, just like all of the participants who decided to show up at the starting line and tried to go for the reward. 

It was a good event, overall the challenge made runners strive harder to outrun themselves. It would be nice if next year the theme for Rexona Run 2013 would be similar, if not even better. I can't wait for next year's installment and I will make sure that I will register early.

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