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Monday, November 19, 2012

Triple D: The Down 'n Dirty Dash

"Are you ready to get down and dirty?"

This is not your usual event. You red the tagline right. It's time to literally "get down and dirty" and at the same time help promote a cause spearheaded by Project Pink, a support group that aims to promote breast cancer awareness among Filipina women (who are most prone to the disease, compared to most Asian women). One big step to prevention is proper education and information dissemination about this type of disease.

Forget the time and the competition!
Here's a race where you can just have pure, clean dirty fun!

Ladies, it’s time you forget your usual fun run routine. Hang up your singlets and unlace your trainers as we bring you The Down and Dirty Dash, the first all-women mud run happening on December 1, Saturday, in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa.

The Down and Dirty Dash (or Triple D as we love to call it) is a three-kilometer fun run through a muddy obstacle course (Ladies are going to get down and dirty by going through 5 muddy challenges in order to attain special prizes), shying away from the usual fun run by adding its own distinct female flavor: dirty women. And no, we don’t mean the vulgar type!

Inspired by Go Dirty Girl, a mud run pioneered in the United States, Triple D aims to promote Confidence, Camaraderie, and Empowerment. It is an event for women, made by women - a day where women can simply have fun, hang out with their girl friends and let their hair down.

Forget the meek and weak stereotype. Triple D is a testament to the strong, independent Filipina. She is the modern Maria Clara who’s out to prove that just like any guy, she knows how to get down and dirty – and she’s not afraid to show it.

More importantly, Triple D shows that beneath the modern Filipina’s strength and confidence awaits a compassionate heart. Triple D gives every Filipina not only a day of pure, dirty fun but also the chance to stand up in the fight against breast cancer. Now, isn’t that a cause worth getting down and dirty for?

Here is a short clip as a teaser for the event:

For women of all ages and from all walks of life, get ready for a day of mud, sweat, and un-clean fun! It’s a dirty experience you’ll never forget. Because hey… sometimes it’s okay to run like a girl.

Convinced? Then go to the nearest registration site as shown in the photo below (just click to enlarge). This is one good way to start the so-called "Christmas Month". Remember, registration ends on November 24, so hurry up!

But wait, there's more! An all-exclusive MALE ONLY wave (by popular demand! - you guys are just resilient and won't give up, do you?) dubbed as "Run for you Girl" is also opened for our male population (limited slots only). The girls who had their guys run for them sure are lucky :)

The Down and Dirty Dash is produced by Event Horizon Productions. Find out more about the event by logging on to their official site: You may also like them on Facebook:


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