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Monday, October 15, 2012

Men’s Health Philippines Urbanathlon and Festival 2012

October 14, 2012
Accomplices: John Paul Lipardo, Liezel Hermedilla, Catherine Mariano, Arriane Custodio, Jobert Dela Victoria, Jennifer Bayani, Catherine Manuel, Hector Viado Padrigo, Running Atom
Venue: SM Mall of Asia

With the recent postponement of 7-Eleven Run 800, we had to take the opportunity to join this year's Men’s Health Philippines Urbanathlon 2012. I missed this event last year because it was held the very same day with Run United 3 last November 13, 2011.

This time, we will not let the opportunity pass. Got our kits and prepared. Won a couple of free kits which was passed on to friends which made this event more memorable. Most of my friends and regular running buddies signed up for 10k run with obstacles. This should be interesting and challenging.

Getting ready...

Let us revisit some highlights of the event shall we? It was a little dark at the beginning...

Photo Credit: John Paul Lipardo

The 21k gunstart was a bit late but the 10k was just right on time. We started at the end of the pack but immediately caught up with the rest because of the first obstacle - the Vertical Climb! We were very fortunate to have our photos taken by photographers who covered the event. Here are some:

Next off to the second obstacle - going over the Container Van! As expected, the queue of people is starting to build up. That gave us some opportunity for a quick photo-op.

Running friends while waiting for our turn to go over the container van.

The long queue I stated earlier!

After completing the second obstacle, we immediately ran a few more to reach the third obstacle which has two parts - the Parallel Bars and Monkey Bars. There we were greeted with another challenging task.

Afterwards, we went up front at mall of Asia for the fourth obstacle, the Steeple Chase wherein we needed to go over four hurdles to get through.

It was challenging but doable :)

Then, it was all running going to Macapagal Boulevard to Coastal Mall route then back to SM Mall of Asia, it was a long run so to speak but was just right to prepare us for the fifth obstacle, the Quantum Leap. It got a little crowded but it was okay. Here are some pictures while we are waiting for our turn to try the obstacle:

Last two! That was our battle cry after completing the Quantum Leap. Next up was the Scaffolding Maze. Same thing with the Quantum Leap, we needed to go over and under the bars alternately. This time, the obstacle was not crowded because...

After that, it was the last kilometer and obstacle. Most runners were held up here because of the tough challenge of going over a couple of high walls (hence called Wall Climb). Save the best for last as they say!

Photo Credit: John Paul Lipardo

Photo Credit: John Paul Lipardo 

Finally, after completing all seven obstacles, it was a mad sprint towards the finish line. Photographers were strategically situated all over the course and we were very fortunate to have a photo taken with the MoA Eye as our background while running towards the finish line. Here is that glorious moment:

The rewards of completing our respective courses:

What can I say? Overall, the event was good. The hosting of Rovilson Fernandez was superb, celebrity sightings were abundant. There was that competitive spirit and the most important element, we enjoyed this event. The organizers did a good job though there are still some points for improvement like most events do. Anyways, If I would rate this event and for a first timer, out of 5 starts and 5 being the highest, this would be rated as 4 of 5.

Until next year! I hope this event would not be held simultaneously with another big event. That would make my decision-making hard XD

Until then, train hard, rest well and don't forget to have fun!

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