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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Registered! Run United 1 2012 ♥

Finally! Officially registered for Run United 1 2012. Dropped by Riovana at Bonifacio High Street in Taguig just to register and hopefully claim my post race kit for Run United 2 2011. To my disappointment, the last day of claiming of said post race kits was on Friday, February 10, 2012. Nevertheless, I was assured that post race kits will be available for claiming on Run United 1 2012 Race Day - March 4, 2012 so here is hoping for the best.

On to my agenda - to register for the 10K category (yes, there is no typographical error here, I am raising the bar higher now) for the said event. Time to move up. I have finished a few 5K races, one more recent was the Condura Skyway Marathon 2012 – Run for Mangroves. In order to reach my overall running goal for the year, I have to move up NOW! So the plan is to participate on all 3 races for this year's trilogy on 10K category (I have experienced running 10K last November 13, 2011 when I participated at Run United 3 2011 at the same venue, SM Mall of Asia) and finally run a half-marathon on the fourth installment, the event they have dubbed "The Philippine Marathon". The plan looks and sounds promising, it inspires me even more.

Here is what I look like last August 21, 2011 when I had my first 3K run for
Run United 2 2011:

And now, here is how I look like (more work to be done though. Hey, nothing is impossible, impossible is just a word, you just need motivation, dedication, reason and a lot of inspiration):

But, let us not look ahead too much. Let's savor the moment, train hard, run safe and enjoy what is in store for us. To immortalize my official registration, a picture should suffice the need so here they are:

Running for love ♥

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