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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Things I Learned When Looking for a Relationship

  1. What's right for others may not be right for you.
  2. Don't let somebody else decide who you should fancy. Resist the temptation to go out with someone simply because it'll boost your credibility. Look for the person who's right for you.
  3. Accept there's no such thing as the perfect partner but you can get pretty close. The essential qualities that make up your ideal mate may be something that you learn by trial and error. You're very unlikely to get it right first time. By going out with a few different people you'll learn what you find attractive and more importantly, what drives you mad.
  4. Don't put too much emphasis on temporary things. Being able to talk and have a good laugh together is more exciting in the long term than the ability to swap wardrobes. Look for someone with a similar outlook on life rather than someone who wears the latest designer labels.
  5. The right relationship should make you feel good about yourself. You should be relaxed and confident and be able to laugh. Don't settle for someone who sneers if you have a bad hair day.
  6. Money shouldn't be top of your list of qualities but it can have a bearing. If you have more money than your partner, you will have to accept that there are some things you'll miss out on, unless you pay. If the tables are turned, you may have to accept a bit of charity. Financial inequalities needn't be difficult. Acknowledge the problem and talk openly about it.
  7. Most importantly, I want someone I can talk to. Communication is essential if a relationship is to last the distance

Disclaimer: This entry is not my original work, got this in a forwarded e-mail.

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