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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Inspired by the movie Green Lantern

Finally, I got the chance to see this movie after seeing X-Men: First Class. It's been a while since Warner Brothers and DC made a movie adaptation of one of their comic book characters. We are used to Batman and Superman and the same old stuff.

Making a movie for the Green Lantern character gave me hope that DC will be fighting back against Marvel's onslaught of movie adaptations for their characters, see over the past decade we have two Fantastic Four movies, two Hulk movies (although the first one is being disowned by Marvel because it's "crappy" according to sources), three Spider Man installments (the fourth one coming this summer of 2012), a couple of Iron Man movies, four X-Men (if we count the recent) movies, that Wolverine's origin movie and the hit to the ladies, Thor. We have a pending Captain America Movie this July. Then there are talks about the next big movie, probably by 2012, The Avengers. If I missed a movie, let me know :)

And what do we have from DC? Superman and Batman of course. Nothing else. It's a breath of fresh air to have a Green Lantern movie. I also heard of a Wonder Woman movie. I hope this becomes a hit so that we can have a competitive battle for comic book to movie adaptations. The real winners here would be the loyal patrons of comic books ad movies.

And since I was inspired by the movie and coincidentally ran to an album from WWE, I decided to show the influence of the movie even to the so-called sports entertainment.

The photos you see above are taken from this album in Facebook.

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