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Monday, September 24, 2012

What keeps your passion burning? Online contest winners :)

September 22, 2012
Accomplice: John Paul Lipardo
Venue: Allied Bank Building, Ayala

Do you want to win a free adidas King of the Road race kit? E-mail your best race photo along with a caption that answers the question: "What keeps your passion burning?" Please indicate your name, address and contact number when you e-mail us. Send your entries now! We will announce the TWO lucky winners TOMORROW at 5pm!
We did not waste any time. The following day, the winners were announced. And, as if the "Running Gods" were happily smiling upon us, the winners were announced in another post and to quote:
Congratulations to June R. Real and Paul G. Lipardo for winning free registration kits for the upcoming Adidas King of the Road (KOTR) 2012! See you on September 30 as Summit Water hydrates the expected 8,000 runners!
I was not really aware of this until I got an SMS from another good friend, Ynny. From there on, it was a race to look for the nearest internet cafe to confirm and to respond accordingly for the instructions on how to claim the price. As if everything good was happening, I made the cut-off time and was able to confirm my win. Not to be outdone, my long time (about more than one year) running buddy also won the same contest making the Hyper Team 2 for 2 on this contest.

Here are the winning entries:

We confirmed to claim the race coupon on the 22nd of September between 11am to 2pm. We got what we came for and we used the coupon immediately.

And since I am already registered for the event and just came from the interview for Sennheiser Sports Sound Hero, it would be best to pass on the race coupon to the same person who notified me that I won this contest, if not for her, I wouldn't have known right away and might not make it to the cut-off time to respond.

Ynny Cee - The Queen of the Road for 2012 =)

All good, everybody happy and ready for race day which is less than a week from now. See you on race day guys. Spread the happiness :)


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