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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

10 Reasons Kung Bakit Idol Namin si Popoy

When it comes to classic break-up movies, Cathy Garcia-Molina‘s One More Chance is a tough act to follow. Because when it comes to onscreen break-ups, Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz) and Basha (Bea Alonzo) have it locked down.

Especially when there are 10 solid reasons kung ba’t idol ng mga lalake si Popoy.

1. He suffers through the worst break up ever.
In One More Chance’s classic break-up scene, Popoy discovers that Basha’s car has broken down. And when he bails on a delicious Italian dinner to go pick her up, she breaks up with him. 
Susunduin mo nga lang yung girlfriend mo brineakan ka pa. Bitch, you crazy!

2. Hindi siya nahihiya mag-breakdown.
After Basha breaks up with him, Popoy literally breaks down. Everywhere. In his bedroom. In his office. In the bar. Most men just breakdown at home. But Popoy takes it to the next level: everywhere.

3. Dahil ang tunay na lalake, walang "abs".
In one of the final moments of Popoy and Basha’s relationship, they go for some last minute hanky panky. But as soon as Popoy throws off his shirt for some bedside manliness, we see that he isn’t the chiseled leading man we thought him to be. Kaya pala hindi pa siya nagco-cover ng Men’s Health.

But why get abs when you’ve got talent.

4. He gets both Bea Alonzo and Maja Salvador.
Even if Basha breaks up with you; there’s always Trisha (Maja Salvador). Last time I checked, she wasn’t too bad herself.

5. And what–if niya si Nikki Gil.
If you’ve got a bestfriend like Helen (Nikki Gil), then you really have nothing to worry about. Popoy’s got options. Lots of them.

6. At natataob pa rin niya si Derek Ramsay.
When Basha brings Mark (Derek Ramsay) to dinner with friends, you have to wonder if there’s something between the two. Because last time I checked, women don’t invite Derek Ramsay to dinner for his table manners.

But then again, Popoy uses his sheer lack of abs to woo Basha back. It takes two years, but hey, true love can wait.

7. Mumurahin ni Popoy yung ex-girlfriend niya at walang aangal.
Everyone has their own favorite lines from One More Chance. But one line trumps them all:

“Putangina naman Bash. Ganyan ka ba katigas?”

Because nothing feels better than telling an ex to fuck-off. And because last time ko ginawa ‘yun, binugbog ako ng mga kabarkado ko. Bros before hoes ‘yo!

8. He buys a new car with his ex-girlfriends money.
It’s hinted that Popoy and Basha had started a joint savings account while they were together. Suddenly, after the break-up, Popoy buys a new car. For himself. Basha may not be able to afford Popoy’s broken heart, but she can sure as hell pay for his new ride.

9. He picks up his girlfriend and ex-girlfriend ON THE SAME TRIP.
There are easier ways to parade your hot new girlfriend, like say, changing your facebook profile to a really cheesy couple pic. Or tagging your ex with nude pics of your new girlfriend.

But Popoy doesn’t need facebook. When he rescues Basha from the rain, he makes sure that Trisha is there to see how stupid she looks when he does. 

10. And he ends up with Anne Curtis.
At ‘yan ang tunay na lalake.

Originally posted by Zig Marasigan on Wednesday, August 17, 2011 here.

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