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Monday, June 21, 2010

One Good Sunday

Yes, we can definitely call this Sunday "Green Day" simply because, well, during the current Sportsfest games, Green Team actually won all their scheduled games. Volleyball Men's, Volleyball Women's, Basketball Juniors and Basketball Seniors. Volleyball Men's and Women's are unbeaten since Opening Day (June 6), Basketball Seniors won three straight after dropping the opening day game and Basketball Juniors finally barged in the win column today.

Overall, it was a good day for the green team (I call our group the "Kampon ng Kaberdehan" just something that popped in my mind). I posted some pictures below, you guys might want to check the album Sportsfest'10 in my facebook profile (not all pictures there are mine, I grabbed some from other teammates albums, okay so I pirated some, guilty as charged :p)

Go Green!

The women's volleyball team up against the yellow squad.

The women's volleyball team during their huddle at a timeout. Playing coach for the men's team, Polly, gives out instructions.

Yeah, and the opponent's side, see Ma'am Girly in front clearly not paying attention to the game at the moment the picture was taken (it's a dead-ball anyway) and instead flashed a cute smile for our priceless collection.

A scene during men's play.

Your basketball juniors going up against the red team.

And here's Leo walking upcourt after scoring a basket.

See the layout of the gym? Yeah, it's pretty crowded in seeing that there are five to six playing courts in a row. We utilized four of them at the same time and unfortunately, some games for the participating teams are simultaneously held so your supporters are well, scattered.

Till next time. Have a great weekend to all and Happy Father's Day to all daddies!

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