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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

TopBuzz: All the local news at your finger tips

"The modern world is fast-paced and dynamic; it can only be negotiated effectively through the use of technology." - Matt Pitts

Catching up on the latest news has never been easy. AMXWorks is bringing you a FREE Android application that will "deliver the hottest and trending stories buzzing all around the Philippines" right at your fingertips. Available through Google Play store and Pinoy AppShop of Cherry Mobile, all you need is 2.2MB of storage space in your device and you can enjoy easy access to the latest headlines from leading news sources on a daily basis and so much more.

As a news aggregation application, the news category alone has 50 of the newspapers' headlines. There are also 11 other categories that have 25 articles aggregated into it.

Here are all of the categories:

  • Latest
  • Buzz
  • Featured
  • News
  • Sports
  • Lifestyle
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Videos
  • Deals
  • Jobs
  • Events

The application has a straightforward interface. You can navigate through the other categories by bringing up the sub-menu at the left side of the application, click on the category you like and the feed loads up. If you want to check if a new article is added, just swipe down to reload the feed.

Personally, I like to keep myself updated with news about sports and technology. Having a "one-stop shop for news and more" makes my life a lot simpler because I don't need to open a lot of websites just to be updated.

To sum up, here is what I think the advantage of having this nifty application:

  • Low disk space requirement, only 2.2MB is needed
  • A variety of categories to browse through
  • Straightforward interface, very user-friendly

What are you waiting for? Download the TopBuzz App now for FREE! Please also like the TopBuzz Facebook Page to be updated about the application.

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