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Thursday, October 16, 2014

ZAP Philippines: Rewards System Revolutionized

Before you say "Another rewards card?", try to consider the word "CashBack".

Let that sink in for a while. What if you can earn while eating out?

Yes. That's right. Now how about this, Get 5% to 20% CashBack at your favorite establishments just by using your mobile number.

That's music to everyone's ears.

ZAP Philippines will change the way you think about rewards system. ZAP is a cross between a rewards card and a loyalty program. So basically, you spend an X amount and earn back a percentage of that amount using a registered mobile number. You then can redeem points when you buy anything from any of over 450 establishments (and growing) where ZAP is honored.

Take this for an example: You buy sneakers at Adidas for 3,000.00 pesos. You get 5% CashBack points (that would be 150.00 pesos) by typing your mobile number into the ZAP terminal. You can then enjoy a milk tea at Happy Lemon using the points that you earn after you got a new sneaker.

Here is a photo of a ZAP terminal. You will only need to key in your mobile number and your pin code and you're all set. ZAP card is optional. Earning your CashBack has never been this convenient.

ZAP's merchant's include restaurants, bars, gadget stores, fitness centers, spas, salons and movies. You can check out the list of merchants by category by clicking at this LINK.

Here is a snapshot of the merchants list page. Zap also has a "Jackpot"

Aside from earning CashBack points, ZAP also has a jackpot. This is another innovation from ZAP. For every transaction that passes through the ZAP terminal in the Merchant's store, ZAP allocates a certain portion to the ZAP Jackpot. The more people that use ZAP in the establishment, the higher the Jackpot prize will be! Afterwards, the jackpot goes to the highest spender at each establishment on a monthly basis. With ZAP, you are not only "spearning" (spending and earning) but you are also giving yourself chances to earn a lot more while enjoying shopping or dining out or watching a movie.

Here is a snapshot of my dashboard. I registered for FREE at Blogapalooza :)

Just by registering for FREE, I also got a nice discount from Yakitori One and enjoyed my dinner before I went home after attending Blogapalooza. Thanks a lot ZAP!

But wait, there's more! Maximize your ZAP by regularly checking out the coupons tab when you are logged in your account. Get more out of your ZAP. Grab coupons that you want depending on their availability.

From my initial experience of using ZAP, here is what I can say:

  • Versatility. All you need is to register your mobile number and set a pin code and you're good to go. The ZAP platform is so versatile that it does not need cards, smartphones or the mobile application. All you need is a registered mobile number to start earning points.
  • Value for money. See my Adidas purchase example above.
  • Accessibility. Over 450 partner merchants.
  • Bonus add on. Monthly jackpots for the highest spender at each establishment. You give yourself a chance to win the monthly jackpot while you enjoy "spearning".
  • Growth. Your favorite merchant is not in the current list? No worries, you can suggest that to ZAP.

Now that you have an overview of how rewarding having a ZAP account is, now is the time to register your own for FREE. To register, kindly use this referral link and get 50 ZAP points to get you started. Happy "spearning"

For regular updates about ZAP, like their Facebook Page and follow their Twitter (@ZapTagPH) and Instagram (@ZapTagPH) accounts. 

For frequently asked questions, please visit:!/how-it-works/faq

"Spearning". I like that.

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