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Monday, September 10, 2012

Mizuno Run Academy Graduation Run (Module 1)

September 9, 2012
Accomplices: John Paul Lipardo, Liezel Hermedilla, Alfie Raposon, Jonah Lyn Sacluti, Paul Biduya, Rachel Rivera, Alvin John Tolentino, Sophia Dela Rama, Rocel Poblete, Jerome Barba, Niño Mark Joseph Ili, Jorge Michael De Jesus, Jennifer Madrideo, Catherine Mariano, Arriane Custodio
Venue: Filinvest, Alabang

Question: What is better than running?
Answer: Running with friends.

I got invited to run as one of the guest runners for Mizuno Run Academy graduate John Paul Lipardo. This graduation run was supposed to happen last August 11, 2012 but due to circumstances that we experienced last month that was beyond our control (it favored me actually because I ended up cancelling my leave), the scheduled run was postponed to yesterday to give way for other institutions to execute rescue and relief operations in light with the heavy rains and flash floods.

Before we get to Sunday morning's highlights, let us review what the first course was all about, shall we?

The first course was entitled The Mizuno Run Academy Module 1: Beginner’s Course: The Science of Running Discovering the key to efficiency and endurance. Said course included 5 sessions (the fifth session was the Graduation Run). The first four sessions was originally scheduled from June 25, 2012 – July 27, 2012 (7:00 PM- 9:30 PM) happening on three venues on a certain day of the week: Monday (BGC), Wednesday (MOA), Friday (Alabang). Participants who missed a session can catch up by attending the same class on a different location.

Here are the sessions for the first module:
Session 1 – Basics of Pose Running
Session 2 – The Maffetone Method
Session 3 – Your First 45-minute Run
Session 4 – Refresher and Long Distance Slow Run
Session 5 – Graduation Run


Now, to the graduation run highlights. Our group had to walk a few minutes to reach the graduation run venue. It was a nice warm up. Upon arrival, we quickly signed the registration list and prepared for our run. Opening remarks were made and a short photo-op for the graduates with family and friends and for the graduates only.

After immortalizing the moment. All participants went straight to the starting arc and waited for the countdown. And we're off! Graduates and participants will be running two laps of 5 kilometers each to complete the 10 kilometer graduation run course.

As stated in the opening remarks earlier, this is the most intimate run as we are only composed of a small group (to my rough estimate, not reaching a hundred people, maybe 60 to 70 headcount). It was indeed intimate. The place was peaceful and gave everyone a chance to really enjoy the run at our own pace. I had the chance to run with my office mates who were guest runners as well. Completing the course with them made me appreciate their company even more. It's different when we are together at work. Yesterday morning was different, we were just friends who enjoy the same passion and got the chance to do this together. The experience was rewarding.

To immortalize our run together (I was the designated photographer for the first five kilometers), I took a group picture of them on every kilometer marker. We even had a group picture at the dinosaur statues near the starting line. Here are those pictures:

Not to be outdone, on the second lap, it was my turn to get immortalized on the 6th, 7th and 8th (repeated 1st, 2nd and 3rd) kilometer markers:

We were not able to took photos for the 9th (4th) kilometer markers as we felt that we already spent more time running and it was about time to finish the race and enjoy the post-race event. We even had a light moment and joked with each other when we passed an area where bicycles can be rented. It was like "duathlon mode" feeling.

After roughly 1:35:xx of running (I forgot to turn on my GPS, lesson learned), we were able to finish our 10 kilometer course injury free, fulfilled and happy. Upon completion graduates and guests get complimentary loot bags composed of the following - two string bags from GNC and Gatorade, GNC loot bag contained the following: GNC Cotton Shirt, a swim, bike run sticker and GNC Towel while Gatorade loot bag contained: Gatorade Lanyard and Gatorade towel.

Then, attendees shared a light breakfast prepared by the organizers. sliced watermelon, apples and carrots, mini sandwiches and cheese crackers, plus, iced fruit candies in the icebox. The food prepared was outstanding. A perfect ending to a sweet beginning. Not to mention, lots and lots of Gatorade for all! Some of the best things in life are still free and there are those that money cannot buy, like this experience :)

Photo from Wheng Ison

Photo from Wheng Ison
Photo from Efren Martinez

When the last runners crossed the finish line, it was time to conclude the event by presenting the certificates of the graduates. I had two friends and training partners from HyperSports Philippines, Inc., Cathy and John Paul who were graduates of the class. I did not have a good angle of the shot for both, my apologies.

After the awarding of the certificates, it was time to put the event to a close. At that point in time, all attendees were already good to go, but wait a few more bottles of Gatorade to give away isn't bad as well. The event ended but the memories will forever be in our hearts.

Here is a picture of my office mates who joined in as guest runners:

Of course, it would not be complete if the HyperFriends don't get a group picture wouldn't it?

Photo from Wheng Ison
Photo from Wheng Ison

Thank you Mizuno. Thank you Gatorade and GNC for your generosity. Thank you for the invitation, to our host, John Paul Lipardo.


Paul Lipardo said...

Good Documentary My Friend.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

It was indeed a fun graduation :) Thanks for this post.

Jay Real said...

Thanks for reading and sharing :)

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