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Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Birthday to Remember - April 21, 2011

A birthday to remember. This is definitely one of the best birthdays I ever had. No fancy nothings. Just straightforward, acute, brief and concise. What do I mean? I don't need to explain, see for yourself:

This is my extended family from Rancho Cucamonga in California. They all did a nice job to greet me in a unique way (well, this is the first time I was greeted that way so it was unique for me!) I think I now know how I can propose to the future Mrs. Real but with a twist. :p

To be greeted in such a way on your birthday is very heartwarming. It made me feel special. Truth be told, I didn't want to be outdone and wanted to express my gratitude for everyone so, I responded similarly. Due to time constraint and limited resources, I had to be quick and creative. A few minutes later, I came up with a response to show how thankful I am for all the people who remembered this special day.

I can't find a place to take the picture so yeah, the stairs will do. The "Thank You" goes well as a response to the "Happy Birthday June" greeting just like what I said at the beginning - acute, brief and concise. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but isn't this better?

This entry is for all who remembered me this special day. To all who sent an e-mail, sent SMS, greeted me personally, greeted through IM/MOC, who called me via my cellphone, who dropped by my Facebook wall to greet, who sent a message in Facebook, who sent a PM via Facebook chat and for those who remembered but didn't have the time to greet (so what? you remembered and that's good enough for me)... Thank you very much for making this day a memorable one.

Today, two common questions were asked. What are your plans on your birthday and Who are you going to spend it with? And my response was the same for everyone - I would probably watch a movie on Easter Sunday, eat in a place that I haven't eaten before. (Sbarro would be nice) and the response to the second common question is - I would probably go out alone but seeing a movie and eating out with a special someone would be better!

The third common question was How old are you? and my response to that is Next question please. :)

It's nice to be happy... always.

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