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Sunday, August 30, 2009

What a Lucky Guy!? 2

Okay, from my previous post, I narrated how lucky I was when I missed that out of control vehicle. Now, God again demonstrated how he protects His people. You see, I was saved again by the Lord from a snatcher. You see, I was riding this jeep to Alabang, the jeep stopped at Jollibee Pilar branch to pick up passengers. I was going to San Pedro to attend Kuchi's 26th birthday celebration (thank you Jenny for letting me know that it will be held on a Saturday, your timing was perfect, I just woke up when you sent your message) and at around 9:40 PM that Saturday night, August 29, 2009 while I was playing a game on my PSP to kill time while on my way to Alabang when the third lady from my left shouted. I thought that it was nothing but when I checked my left, I saw a guy running away from the jeep and heard the passengers talking about her cellphone. Poor lady! We was a victim of a snatcher. It could have been me but God protected me. Again.

Just a word of advise, keep your cellphones in your bags or pockets. I've learned my lesson now. I suggest all of you do the same.

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