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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Just Roll It: An Online Board Game for All | First Impressions

Rainy season is coming and staying at home during this cold weather is what most of us do. However, there will be times that it will get boring and we needed to do something to pass the time away.

One of the best ways to pass time is play a board game. However, sometimes not all members of the household would want to play with you. Worry not! Let me introduce to you the online board game that will let you live the life of a high roller: Just Roll It

Here is a short video clip about the game:

I've got the opportunity to try out this game and after navigating a few minutes and playing several games, I was simply hooked. Allow me to share to you my personal experience in trying out the game.

After downloading the installer, and installing to my system, I was surprised that the game didn't patch at all, taking me right away to the log in screen. Normally, a game patch follows after installing the game. Prior to this, I have already created an account and after logging in, I was redirected to the character selection screen.

Just like other online gamers, I find it hard to decide what character I would create. After a lot of consideration, I went on and move forward with Dennis.

After that, like most online games, new players have the option to go through the tutorial to get the hang of things. Normally, I skip tutorials and work my way through the game but seeing that a reward is waiting after completing the tutorial, I didn't dare skip this one.

You got me at "Get free gift(s) after this tutorial"

As a newbie, it's always nice to get some free items at the beginning.

I've got a premium card pack which I used immediately. Using this gave me several premium character cards. By that time, I immediately made the switch and tried out a premium character card. Premium (Rare) cards, the ones with red outline, has better statistics than regular (normal) character card.

Didn't waste time switching from normal to rare character card.

Wow! I already did a lot of stuff and I haven't started to play the actual board game yet. Examining further, I learned that character cards can be further improved through the enhance card menu. Now, you can put to use some of the duplicate character cards to make a better character card.

Select the card you wish to enhance, select you material card(s) and hit that ENHANCE button! Of course, not all is free and you have to pay the applicable amount, in this case, the game's currency: Marble.

Before playing an actual game, I navigated around a bit more and got some more interesting menu to complete my gaming experience. To reward frequent players, the game has a system in place: the Daily Gift Giveaway (permanent) and at this time, Just Roll It Bingo (limited period, subject to change). Both of which reward you as you log in daily and perform required tasks as stipulated by each mission. Your daily gift gets better the more consecutive days you log in.

Always check your inventory after logging in!

Meet the requirement of each mission to earn additional rewards.

After all these navigation, I finally decided to play an actual game. Now, there are ways to go into "rooms" and play with or against other players. The first is to create your own room, join a room or get invited.

Got invited several times while I was wrapping up the tutorial. I declined every invitation so I can get my free gifts. This could happen to you when you first begin the game. Don't say I didn't warn you.

You can create rooms through the quick start menu or join from the list of available rooms in the lobby. Room descriptions are show so you know what to expect.

Itching to play my first game, I joined whatever room that is available at the time I loaded the lobby. It was a nice experience although the results were not favorable on my end, I ended up filing for bankruptcy. That's what happens when you don't plan your purchase. It was more of a "learning" game.

Don't let everyone wait too long. Hit ready when you are to let everyone in the room know that it's game time.

Several board designs are available. You also have the option to enter the room as a spectator.

I ended up playing in a room with a solar system type of theme. I got a chance to purchase planets and start a "colony" in the process.

An online game would not be complete without a premium item shop. This was the last menu I checked because I didn't have credits to buy (for now) and this will only make me envious of others.

Some items improve your statistics while others are for aesthetics. The premium shop improves the overall gaming experience. Of course, this is optional.

Growing up, my favorite board game is Millionaire's Game. It was a fun game when you have someone to play with and it's been a while since I last played that game. Now, this type of board game has been reinvented. I can play whenever, wherever I want. I need not worry about someone to play with. There's always someone online. This makes it more convenient.

The game is pretty much straightforward. Involves strategy, perfect timing and of course, luck. This is a game everyone can play and have a good time.

Living the life of an online high roller has never been this fun and addictive.

Just Roll It is an online board game you play on PC with groups of four players. You can pay as individuals or teams of two. You play as one of may colorful characters and travel the world buying properties and building your real estate empire. To win a game, you use your monopoly of real-estate market to collect rent from opposing players who unfortunately lands on any one of your properties and try to force them into bankruptcy. Characters have different special abilities that help you in manipulating dice rolls or extra luck to get you over the hump and turn the tide to your favor. Abilities are enhanced by leveling your character card, equipping lucky charms and/or special dice.

Now, for a limited time, you can live like a high roller online and be rich in real life for playing Just Roll It. A chance to win P1,000.00 daily from a monthly prize pool of P62,000.00; you can also qualify to join a weekly and monthly raffle within three months to win part of a total prize pool of ONE MILLION PESOS!

To know more about the game, you can check out the following links:

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