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Monday, March 4, 2013

Product Review - Cobra Fit

I was surprised to receive a package from Wildfire. I was wondering what online giveaway I joined and tried to recall everything but was not able to do so, it was only when I opened the package that everything became clear. I have not heard of Wildfire or Quali-Blends

Reading and studying the contents, I made a decision to try this one out and see where it will take me. I've always wanted to do product reviews but didn't get opportunities. Looks like it's my time now.

First product for review - Cobra Fit

I have heard of Cobra Energy Drink's line of products but was not aware that the new Cobra Fit is under the Quali-Blends line of products. I gave the sample a try and was surprised on how my first taste went. Here are my reviews.

Taste: Normally, I expect energy drinks to be a bitter tasting, to my surprise, this one is not.  I was also delighted to feel that it was like drinking a soda. Unlike the energy drinks that I tried before, this one tastes way better.

Ingredients:  This drink has a good dose (300mg) of L-Carnitine which means a lot for fitness enthusiasts as this aids in metabolism. A portion of the daily recommended serving will help us meet the required amount. Other ingredients include Ginseng, Caffeine, Vitamins B1, B3, B6 and B12 makes this product even better. Zero Fat and Zero Artificial Sweeteners completes this fit drink.

Value for Money: For a 350ml bottle and the ingredients that make up this drink, I should say, it's worth the money for about 1.5 serving (240ml is one serving). Price is a competitive as others and a touch of "FIT" should make decision-making easier.

With that said, I would recommend for you guys (especially those in graveyard shifts) to try out this product and experience for yourselves. Just don't drink too much in a day.

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Jeicee said...

Thanks for sharing your review! It would really be nice to try Cobra energy drink FIT with Quali-Blends vitamins!

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