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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

God's Perfect Timing

God really makes perfect timing. 2 weeks ago, the battery of my cellphone got busted, I overcharged it and the battery won't work leaving me "lost" this past 2 weeks. I also made a request to have my old ATM replaced through the company's ER and it got me waiting 2 weeks for my "generic" cash card. This is where God's perfect timing happens. I was considering on having a new cellphone as a replacement for my old one (a china phone, I'm done with that, not only the parts are hard to find, it will eventually cost you in the long run) and I don't want to borrow money. Now my cash card will not be back in 2 weeks, I only have pocket money for one week and I feel that I'm one of the the unluckiest persons in the world at that time. I said to myself, "had I've known that ER would accidentally request for a personalized cash card, I would have withdrawn all of my money before I requested a replacement." When God is working in the background, good things happen. I was told by a co-employee that generic cash cards can only hold a maximum of 10,000 pesos at a given time, any excess would be added in your credit once you withdrawn some. I was surprised that I managed to make the necessary adjustments and made it possible to extend a one-week budget in a two-week budget. Most importantly, I did not have to go on credit.
By the time that I get my cash card, I might be able to actually purchase a brand new phone. With the money left and my semi-monthly salary, I might be able to do so. I'm crossing my fingers.

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