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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Home 168 Manila is the Millennial’s Dormitory

Being the third city in Asia with the worst traffic, an average Manila resident especially the working class spends 1,000 hours a year or 28,000 hours of his economic life in traffic. According to Asian Development Bank report, that results to a 100,000-peso loss of productivity per person each year. More than that, we are losing something more invaluable such as the comfort and well-being from a happy and stressful life and the time we yearn to be spent with family and friends. Thus, Home 168 Manila was established to solve and address the seemingly hopeless urban and economic problem. It seeks to reverse the adverse consequence of living in the busy and traffic congested city by offering an affordable, safe, happy and friendly social community with a maximum of 520 mix of male and female tenants living within its dormitory compound.

Most of the people of Manila have to deal with being doubly tired, stressed and fatigued from their daily work and long commute, barely having any relaxation or sleeping time. They are losing quality time for family and friends and spending more for food, transportation and housing just to buy them more time and convenience. With Home 168 Manila, they can find an affordable, happy and safe place near their work or school which they can call home. Home 168 Manila is the foundation or support they need to make their dreams come true.

Home 168 Manila is a unique 1, 332sqm dormitory concept built from recycled container vans. It has a bright and colorful al fresco co-working space at the center where people can gather play games, eat and watch cable TV as they relax after work or school.  It is one of the few places in Manila where you can just lay down and view the moon and the night sky. For as low as 2,000 php per month, it offers a well-guarded, CCTV and RFID-equipped dormitory with 520 beds paces, 56 shower booths, 48 toilet w/ bidet, 8 washing areas, 8 urinals, 100 mbps WiFi, electricity, water, hot and cold mineral water stations and scheduled cleaning, maintenance and pest control.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Natural Way to Feel More Empowered As a Woman

Gone are the days when the "male chauvinist" society had women as far inferior as men — very dependent and submissive to whatever the latter commanded. Women today are not just regarded as homemakers, but nation-builders as well. Beyond the confines of their houses, they, too, can make a big difference––be it in the economic, social or political arena.

From being a household queen to boardroom’s rock star, women run on very hectic and active schedules everyday. So imagine the strength they have to withstand the daily grinds, not to mention the stress and pressure they have to endure just to fulfill the duties bestowed upon them.

Nevertheless, they’re no "Wonder Woman" at all, nor our very own heroine "Darna" so as not to feel exhausted and tired from chores or work. They’re also humans, who need to pause for a break from being the jack-of-all-trades. 

This March—declared as International Women’s Month—is the best time to celebrate their power and influence with the gift of beauty and wellness that they truly deserve. What a better way to have it than a rosy, bouncy and shiny hair to begin with.

Because it is the mane that a person is mainly looked upon, it’s a conscious effort for everyone, especially women, to make it pleasant to gaze at. So a regular bottled shampoo and conditioner, plus treatment are, more often than not, the solutions to turn to, regardless of the bad effects they may cause.

Some of the harmful chemicals they contain are too much to handle, especially by as fragile as a hair follicle. Their main damage being mane breakage is hard to manage. Tricky it is to treat the resulting tress that’s less weak and elastic. Though negligible, other repercussions—allergic reaction and scalp irritation—also need keen attention and urgent solution. 

Where else do women usually turn to for remedy than a beauty salon. After a pampering sesh, they may opt to avail any of their formulated solution for upkeep. For optimum results, it’s best to combine it with NOVUHAIR 3-in-1 pack to promote robust locks and scalp.

NOVUHAIR is the only tress growth product in the market containing 19 natural herbs, essential oils and co-factor nutrients working synergistically to help remedy mane problems from growth to vanishing. It deeply penetrates to help rejuvenate, nourish, maintain moisture in the scalp and hair, and improve the overall appearance of the tress. Lastly, it’s an effective and safe solution to arrest hair loss.

So come and celebrate womanhood at your favorite salon anytime this month. Much better if you can make it regularly to bond with your sisters or amigas over a hair spa or treatment. After all, your crowning glory deserves a second look.

Feel more empowered as a woman: order NOVUHAIR 3-in-1 pack online, get one (1) box of NOVUSKIN LIFT with 30 anti-aging tablets worth P2,970 for FREE at

For inquiries, call 413-6570 or 0922-8830575, visit NOVUHAIR Facebook Page (Novuhair Official) or website at

Monday, March 19, 2018

Zoobic “Night” Safari 2018

It’s Zooper Zummer once again and of course, we are launching the only theme park activity at night which received a nice raved from the patrons. 

Stay awake, hear your heartbeat pounding, blood in your veins rushing as the rising excitement heightened in the night’s summer breeze. Zoobic Safari brings back the much awaited "Night Safari", packed with more thrill and excitement. Discover your braver side and tour around this exotic sanctuary at night, the first of its kind in the Philippines.

Gear up your nocturnal senses and prepare for a series of roaring nights of fun in visiting Zoobic Safari’s classic attractions, Serpentarium; a wild encounter with snakes, lizards and iguanas, Zoobic Park, a walk-through petting zoo, Tiger Safari, an enclosed safari jeep ride that will take you to the tigers’ natural habitat, Croco Loco, a crocodile lair where you will have a chance to feed them. Take a walk together with the greyhounds and follow the night trail in Greyhound Walk. Enjoy a different and bolder show specially prepared for the night’s entertainment; expect an explosive presentation that will surely growl your mind away. Anticipate a wilder quest as Zoobic Safari offers you its latest feral attraction, the Lion Safari on a day adventure. Witness these ferocious Kings of the Jungle up close and more intimidating.
Package 1: Entrance with 8 activities 
Php 695  -  Adult | Php 595  -  Kids 4 ft and below | FREE - Kids 3 ft and below
Inclusions: Night Safari Tour (Zoobic Park, Serpentarium, Zoobic Cave, Forbidden Cave, Tiger Safari Ride, Greyhound Walk, Croco Loco) for approximately 2 hours. Zooper Tram and Night Safari Jungle Show 

Package 2: Zoolit Booklet 
Php 399 / Booklet | FREE - Kids 3 ft and below
Inclusions: (6) 50% off entrance tickets,  (6) Buy 1 take 1 entrance tickets, (2) 50% off hotel accommodation (Azotea in Makati, Tiara Hotel in Subic, Residence Inn Tagaytay), (1) Free Zing Zipline ride (Residence Inn/ Paradizoo/ Zoocobia), (1) Free Photo (Worth Php295), (1) Free Zooc Ride (Zoocobia), (1) 30% off discount (Restaurant), (1) 40% off Souvenir shop 

Book online at Zoobic Safari's official payment portal,

All Saturdays from March 3, 2018 to May 26, 2018

Payment options:
1. Over-the-counter payment at BDO 
2. Credit card
3. ATM / Debit card
4. PayPal


  • Zoobic Park
  • Serpentarium
  • Tiger Safari Ride
  • Croco Loco
  • Greyhound Walk
  • Forbidden Cave
  • Zoobic Cave
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Butaan Museum
  • Tram Ride
  • Night Safari Show

Children below 3 ft. is FREE! 
3 ft. - 4 ft is child rate
4 ft. above is adult rate

Acceptance of guests starts at 5PM up to 8PM only
Night Safari show starts at 8PM.

Regular rates apply for walk in guests.

Experience the wild nights and see the other side of time of the animal kingdom. For inquiries you may contact 09778978877 or visit TAG Media and Public Relations handles Zoomanity Group for Marketing, Branding, Public Relations, Events and Promotions.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Honda Philippines, PBA inks new partnership to ignite action in PBA Commissioner’s Cup Season 2018-19

Paranaque City, March 9, 2018 — Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI), the number one motorcycle manufacturer in the country, recently announced its partnership with the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) at the Solaire Resort and Casino in Paranaque City.

Through the partnership with PBA, the most prestigious basketball league in the Philippines, HPI aims to touch on the lives of Filipinos by engaging in activities they love.

"Basketball has been a part of the Philippine culture and the Filipinos’ love for the sport is nothing short of amazing," said Daiki Mihara, president of HPI. "We hope that through this partnership, HPI can extend its support to Filipino talents, especially in the PBA league."

This year, PBA will be on its 43rd season and HPI presses on to bring the sport’s vibe closer to basketball fans. This initiative is attuned to the company’s vision of bringing the joy of mobility, especially through its safe, efficient, economical, and cutting-edge technology.

Honda, being a global brand, has sold 18 million units in worldwide sales last year and continues to build out its passion for excellence through continuous research and high technological standards for its products. With this passion for excellence, Honda wants to extend its innovations to the needs and preferences of Filipinos.

"We want to expand our sizeable foothold in the Philippines as a market leader in the motorcycle industry, by innovating technologies that improve the quality of life," Mihara said. "We also see the value of partnering with institutions, like PBA, especially that our motorcycles appeal to the young and active fans of the league."

Known for its innovative spirit, HPI aims to introduce the company as a market leader in motorcycles, spare parts, and power products that allows riders to have fun and proactively take part in thrill-seeking adventures.

For more information about Honda Philippines and its upcoming events, go to or follow the official Facebook page at

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Infinix Hot S3 Flash Sale: 500 units SOLD in 39 minutes!

Two words: SOLD OUT!

One week after its launch in the Philippines, 500 units of Infinix Hot S3 was made available in a flash sale in Shopee from 12AM to 12PM for "only" Php5,999. With much anticipation from the public, the flash sale did not last that long.

39 minutes. That is all it took for Infinix to sell 500 units of the Hot S3.

In my other blog post, I listed three reasons why the Infinix Hot S3 should be considered as your next mobile phone. I guess there are more than three reasons as evidenced by the success of the flash sale.

As soon as the 500th unit got sold, more are still asking for Infinix to sell some more units. We'll just have to wait and see if Infinix will sell another batch for the same low price or for Php7,999.

My sources tell me that something might be up this March. We'll soon find out. As soon as I have an update, I will share it to you so you can prepare.

While waiting, here again is my review of the Infinix Hot S3.

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