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Monday, August 12, 2013

I Am Starting to like Burgers

Growing up, I used to treat burgers as another way, a quick-fix as others may say, to get by hunger. Not anymore.

After attempting the Galaxy Mega 7-Day Challenge, I was never the same. For good (hopefully). I began to appreciate burgers even more because I had to enjoy my order and not just eat away like there is no tomorrow.

In four days, my love for burgers grew and thanks to today's technology, I was able to immortalize my orders before I eat everything up.

Here is a quick summary of what I had for fur days:

Day 1: Big N' Tasty at McDonald's
When McDonald's said it was Big AND Tasty, they were not kidding. Of course, an order of large fries completes this combo. Next on my list at McDonald's would be the Quarter Pounder. But that's another day. After eating everything, I was feeling full and had to walk all the way home just to bring everything down. Good thing that my place is just about a kilometer away.

Day 2: Zinger at KFC
KFC had to bring down the price of Zinger just to keep up with the new sandwich from McDonald's. That's another story. Anyway, it was nice to finally try out Zinger and it did not disappoint as well. I then realized that a head to head comparison against the new McSpicy is in order. Of course, as usual, to compliment my sandwich, I got large fries too. I was again full and had to walk around the mall before heading home.

Day 3: Whopper at Burger King
It's whopping huge (for my size) and as advertised, very filling. I like how the catsup accompanied my order. I just dip my fries (large, of course) right in! Huge servings = happy tummy. Just what I needed after a busy Friday night shift. Did pick up some groceries after.

Day 4: Bacon Cheeseburger at Wendy's
I was disappointed that among the four, the size of this burger is just normal. But, I had to go and eat it. Since the burger is smaller than the first three, there is no point comparing. The fries, however, is really nice. Some had the skin still on which is totally different from the ones that I've tried.

Will be posting more burgers in detailed review and unbiased verdict but will still in moderation though. I had to watch what I eat, I am training for something big. Burger day an be my cheat day. That would be awesome.

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