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Monday, March 25, 2013

How Do You Know If You're in the Friend Zone? (

Never Calling First. Are you always the first to call, text, or email, whether it's just to say hi or to make plans to hang out? Unless this person is extremely shy, if he rarely or never makes the first move, it's highly likely he considers you just a friend. He may like you, but he's not going out of his way to keep in touch.

Always Hanging Out In A Group. Maybe she is just shy or taking things slowly, but if someone is interested in you, she'll generally do all she can to spend one-on-one time with you. If she hasn't suggested spending alone time with you, she likely doesn't think of you as more than a friend.

Not Touching You. While some people are naturally "touchy-feely" with everyone, in general, someone who is interested in you is more likely to try to get close to you and make some sort of body contact. If he never touches you, pulls away when you touch him, doesn't touch you in return, or has closed-off body language, he probably doesn't like you in that way.

Superficial Conversations. Have you two had any deep and meaningful conversations recently? You know, more than just chatting about the big game or what you watched on TV last night. Sharing heart-to-heart conversations about key events in your life, what's most important to you, and your plans for the future could be a sign that he or she wants to get to know you better and possibly take your relationship further. Likewise, an absence of such conversation might well be a clue that you've been relegated to the friend zone.

Frequently Cancelling. Someone who likes you as more than a friend is not going to miss an opportunity to be with you. He'll leap at any chance to spend time in your presence. So, if he frequently has an excuse about why he won't be able to make it, or if he often cancels or doesn't show up, chances are you're not a major priority.

Talking About Other People He/She Likes. It's a pretty big clue that you're deeply entrenched in the friend zone if the object of your affection mentions other cute guys she'd like to date. On the other hand, if she tells you about how other people she's dated were such jerks (unlike you!), the outlook may be brighter.

Trying To Hook You Up With Their Friends. If your desired one starts to play cupid and not so subtly tries to set you up with one of her friends, you can pretty much give up on ever getting out of the friend zone. You're such a good friend that she wants you to be happy -- with someone else.

Lack of Eye Contact. While gazing into one another's eyes is one of the key signs of a blossoming relationship, lack of serious eye contact may indicate the opposite. Test it out -- does he hold your gaze or avoid it?

Not Making an Effort in Appearance. A key indicator that your special someone has lumped you into her friend zone is if she doesn't try to look her best for you. If she's in her PMS sweatpants sans makeup more often than not when you're together, she's clearly not trying to impress you. It may be time to move on.

Referring to You as Just a Friend. Does he constantly refer to you as "just a friend," or even worse, as like a sister to him? If so, things are not looking good. He's making it pretty clear that you are well within the friend zone, and you'll just have to make the best of it. Put your chin up, and move on. There's plenty more fish in the sea, and the right person for you will come along before you know it!

My First Full Marathon Experience

February 24, 2013
Nuvali, Sta. Rosa Laguna

"Thought I'd be dead in the end.
But it was the other way around.
I felt even more alive."

I took running seriously when I felt weak after finishing my first official 3km run at Run United 2 2011. Since then, I have progressed to a level wherein I can say I have improved since I ran my first official 3k. 10k became my favorite distance and I never imagined that I would be running beyond that distance. I was quick to dismiss any invitation to run a half-marathon until I finally gave it a try on Run United 2 2012. I was never the same (it was for the better) after completing my first half-marathon.

Fast-forward towards the end of August to the beginning of September 2012. I found myself securing a reservation for a slot for the 2013 edition of The Bull Runner Dream Marathon. I have read previous blog entries about stories of previous batches and I was convinced (by running friends from HyperSports) that if I would run my first full marathon, this would be the perfect and knowing that I have five friends from HyperSports in the same event won't make me an outcast. As the training progressed until the send-off party, I gained more friends from the running community.

When I confirmed that I was officially in the reserved list, I immediately prepared myself for what is ahead. Vacation Leaves filed very early for approval for the Bull Sessions, modified shifts (I am working on graveyard shift) for Bull Circles and Send-Off Party and of course, training schedules were modified so that I can follow the program of Coach Jim Lafferty.

Five months passed by so quick and before I knew it, it was race day. Necessary preparations was done, all I need to do is to cross that finish line. At the starting line, I felt excited and at the same time, terrified. The longest distance I ran before this was a little more than 21k. I already ran pretty much the route at Nuvali last November 2012 at The Bull Runner Dream Team Run and the Bull Session last January 5, 2013. With that in mind and the generous cut-off time for first-timers, there is nothing left to do than enjoy every kilometer of the race.

A few minutes after the gun start, I was fortunate enough to have someone run with me to complete the entire course (I already have the mindset to run alone for 42.195 kilometers but I was blessed to have company along the way). Sammy asked me if I had a target time and when I responded that I didn't have any, we went on to finish together.

We did the first in a little over 3 hours and it was an indication that we are on the right track to finish in an acceptable time. However, fatigue caught up with us and we had to walk for most of the part of the last 10 kilometers of the course.

At the last 4 kilometers of the course.
Many thanks to Sir Jeff Lo of Pinoy Fitness for the singlet.
Photo credit: Lucky Jackie

Whatever challenges we faced in the last 10 kilometers was nullified when running friends and other dream chasers pushed us towards our goal. The last 4 kilometers gave me all sorts of trouble. I had to remove my shoes and run barefoot briefly as my socks got wet in one of the hydration stations and I wouldn't want to have a blister. I also removed my knee support in the last 2 kilometers and run without in my shoes without the socks that got wet. I removed my arm warmer in the last kilometer and finally ran barefoot the last few hundred meters to avoid having blisters from a wet shoe.

Victor Cruz was more than willing to carry my stuff so that I can run and complete my first full marathon. He encouraged me to finish strong and gave a few pointers in barefoot running to help me finish.
Photo credit: Lucky Jackie
We were fortunate because one of our friends, Victor Cruz, who finished earlier was there to wait for us, provided encouragement and ran with us for a few hundred meters until the finish line. After crossing the finish line, I felt relieved. We were on the road for a little over 8 hours, barely beating the 9 hour cut off. We were congratulated by the "Dream Team" who were waiting for the finishers at the finish line. We got our medals and it was time for a photo-op before claiming our loot bag. 

We Are Marathoners!
Photo credit: Sammy Salud Dela Cruz

With Sammy who was with me until the finish line.
Photo credit: Sammy Salud Dela Cruz

This experience taught me to persevere in times where it seemed like all is lost (the thought of quitting crossed my mind a few times during the last 7 and 8 kilometer mark), never lose sight of the goal and be positive all the time. It is better to finish last (luckily, I wasn't the last runner) than never finish the race and be sorry at the end. I never imagined that I can actually finish a full marathon until I crossed the finish line.

Less than two years ago, I never thought that I can play another game of basketball (or participate in  fun runs either, let alone, finish a half-marathon) because of a hyper extended left knee and difficulties in finishing my first few half-marathons. I am glad that I was brave enough to even try and now am happy that I was able to get through this.

July 3, 2011: Before I got serious with running, I hyper extended my left knee in a basketball game.  I was down for four weeks then ran my first official 3k at Run United 2 2011. The rest was history.

February 24, 2013: I can now call myself a marathoner.

I was having difficulty in calling myself a "runner" for the past year and now will have to adjust because I am now a "marathoner". The past five months was an awesome experience, I learned a lot of new stuff, met wonderful people and have more friends now.

I hope that in finishing this race, I can inspire the people around me that they should face their fears and work hard to reach their dreams. I did it. There should be no reason that others cannot. They just need to be braver.

"Because fears, like limits, are often, just an illusion."
- Michael Jordan ending his speech at his hall of fame ceremony.

Thank you The Bull Runner for this event.
Thank you to our Coaches for helping us along the way.
Thank you to our Speakers at Bull Circles.
Thank you to our Pacers at Bull Sessions.
Thank you to all Dream Chasers for providing extraordinary support.
Thank you Batch 2013, we encouraged each other to never give up.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Mga Kadalasang Sinasabi ni Misis/GF at ang Kahulugan Nito!

Bawal po ang pikon :)

1. "Kailangan natin nga ganito!" = "Gusto ko ng ganito!"
2. "Bahala ka, desisyon mo yan!" = "Lintik ka, dapat alam mo kung kaninong desisyon ang masusunod!"
3. "Ahh gusto mo nito?!" = "Sige, ikaw bahala magbayad!"
4. "Hindi ako galit!" = "Tanga ka ba? Syempre galit ako!"
5. "Masyadong maliit ang kusina!" = "Gusto ko ng bagong bahay!"
6. "Gusto ko ng bagong kurtina!" = "Pati na rin ng bagong karpet, malaking TV at Aircon!"
7. "May naririnig akong ingay!" = "Ang lakas mo naman humilik!"
8. "Mahal mo ba ako?!" = "May gusto sana ako gamit kaso ang mahal!"
9. "Gaano mo ko kamahal?!" = "May nagawa ako na alam kong hindi mo magugustuhan!"
10. "Ready na ako, bigyan mo lang ako ng 5 minuto!" = "Bahala ka maghintay dyan, matulog ka muna kung gusto mo!"
11. "Mataba ba ako?!" = "Sabihin mo sa akin na maganda ako!"
12. "Nakikinig ka ba sakin?!" = "Bahala kang mapahamak dyan sa kagagawan mo!"
13. "Nagustuhan mo ba yung niluto ko?" = "Wala akong pakialam kung nagustuhan mo o hindi!"
14. "Si baby ba yung umiiyak?" = "Bumangon ka at palitan mo siya ng diaper!"
15. "Hindi ako sumisigaw!" = "Kailangan ko sumigaw para lang maunawaan mo!"
Source: Here

Funny Short Story - "Chat"

Magsyota nag-chachat sa FB:

GF: Bhe, di na ako magtatagal, log out na ako kasi nagagalit na si papa eh. Imumudmud daw niya ang mukha ko sa keyboard kung hindi pa ako mag-log-out ngayon.
BF: Aiiii bhe! gusto ko pang makipagchat sayo... :(
GF: Di na pwede bhe kasi imumudmud daw dsdflkjasd;lfjsdaklf; sdafksdljafbsadkljfhadslfa sdhkflsanfsadfnsa,fns;kdafnsdakljfsdakjlfs

Disclaimer: Not my original story, this is a re-post from Facebook.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Product Review - Cobra Fit

I was surprised to receive a package from Wildfire. I was wondering what online giveaway I joined and tried to recall everything but was not able to do so, it was only when I opened the package that everything became clear. I have not heard of Wildfire or Quali-Blends

Reading and studying the contents, I made a decision to try this one out and see where it will take me. I've always wanted to do product reviews but didn't get opportunities. Looks like it's my time now.

First product for review - Cobra Fit

I have heard of Cobra Energy Drink's line of products but was not aware that the new Cobra Fit is under the Quali-Blends line of products. I gave the sample a try and was surprised on how my first taste went. Here are my reviews.

Taste: Normally, I expect energy drinks to be a bitter tasting, to my surprise, this one is not.  I was also delighted to feel that it was like drinking a soda. Unlike the energy drinks that I tried before, this one tastes way better.

Ingredients:  This drink has a good dose (300mg) of L-Carnitine which means a lot for fitness enthusiasts as this aids in metabolism. A portion of the daily recommended serving will help us meet the required amount. Other ingredients include Ginseng, Caffeine, Vitamins B1, B3, B6 and B12 makes this product even better. Zero Fat and Zero Artificial Sweeteners completes this fit drink.

Value for Money: For a 350ml bottle and the ingredients that make up this drink, I should say, it's worth the money for about 1.5 serving (240ml is one serving). Price is a competitive as others and a touch of "FIT" should make decision-making easier.

With that said, I would recommend for you guys (especially those in graveyard shifts) to try out this product and experience for yourselves. Just don't drink too much in a day.

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