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Monday, October 29, 2012

RunRio: Run United Philippine Marathon 2012

October 28, 2012
Accomplices: HyperSports Reserved Energy Team and I AMdatex Happy Runner
Venue: (Bonifacio Global City going to) SM Mall of Asia

"I’m a distance runner; I’ve been trained to keep going, even when it’s hard. When it hurts. When it sucks. When I don’t want to. Call it what you want; stubbornness, endurance, guts, determination. But deep down, I don’t know how to give up. And it’s always worth it in the end."

The event most of us runners are waiting for! We all want to be part of history and that was what we did! By joining our respective running distances, we made sure that we are part of the first-ever Run United Philippine Marathon 2012. Since majority of us are running 21k, we have decided to run with our HyperSports training shirts to join in celebration of this first-ever.

Days before this event, there were a lot of worries that the weather could be the same (more or less) as Run United 3 2012 last September 16, 2012. It was as if the weather gave us runners the scare but did cooperate come Sunday morning. The weather was perfect for a long run. The gun start for the 42k and 21k categories are just right.

We were early at the starting line and had a chance to have a quick photo-op while waiting for the gun start of the 42k event. It was nice meeting running friends at the event.

Between marathoners and HyperSports mainstays - Jose Ramizares and John Paul Lipardo

With the guys at the office - I AMdatex Happy Runner

Since one of us is running a full marathon, I was very fortunate enough to become a spectator while waiting for my gun time at 4:00am. I got to see off John Paul with his 42k journey.

After that, I finally met with the other mainstays of HyperSports. As we all have agreed, we will try to do the 3-1 (3 minutes run and 1 minute walk) intervals as part of our training for our own marathon on February 24, 2013. While waiting for our gun start a group picture is in order.

The 21k participants were set off by Philippine basketball legends Benjie "The Tower of Power" Paras and Ronnie "Point Lauriat" Magsanoc. Too bad we were on the outer part of the starting line and was not able to see these two up close.

The eager 21k runners :)

Just a little more and we will be off...

And finally, we were set off almost exactly at 4:00am. From that moment on, we have employed the 3-1 interval. This was my first time to apply the said technique and I was surprised with the result. Lack of training over the past week did me in but for the first 10 kilometers, I was okay. In my previous half-marathon attempts, I was almost spent on my 10th kilometer and had to walk most of the time on my second half.

I was way ahead by more than 15-30 minutes of my target finish time until my legs start to cramp up so I walked most of the last 3 kilometers going to the finish line. It didn't matter though. I was happy to cross the finish line together with my friends at HyperSports. The time is still over 3 hours but finished 7 or 8 minutes earlier. I need to train my bladder more, precious time was spent using two portalets along the way. I also stopped at every hydration station during this race. If those can be minimized, I think my time would be better. Room for improvement :)

With first time half-marathoners, Angel and Tiffany.

Though we finished the race, we had to wait for one of our friend who suffered an injury along the route but was determined enough not to quit and finish the race. In doing so, she made us all proud and earned high respect as a runner. If that would have happen to an ordinary individual, they may take the easy way out and quit. Not this runner. Congratulations HyperModel Jonah May Trapal!

There she is! Own own HyperModel Jonah :)

Teary-eyed and all (SINONG NAGPAIYAK KAY JONAH? ^_^), Jonah finished her 21k run running with her heart when her legs almost gave up on her. Athlete fact: The amount of pain we can endure defines us.

We are proud of you! (You can cry now; tears of joy I presume )

I had to wait for another friend who ran a full marathon. By around 9:30am, he crossed the finish line and was awarded by the finisher's medal by Coach Rio Dela Cruz himself no less. Congratulations Hyper John Paul Lipardo.

While waiting for these guys to cross the finish line, I took a chance to sneak in at the Alaxan booth to have a photo taken with our very own "Pambansang Kamao" and two pretty ring girls :)

Kasama pala namin si Benjie Paras :D

After it was all said and done, all that is left is to have the moment immortalized. Another photo-op is in order before having our breakfast!

"We don't remember days. We remember moments."

This is one unforgettable event and we are part of history! Just the thought of that means a lot for us participants. Well, what can I say? The event was well-attended and well-rounded in terms of everything. There are still flaws (loyalty shirt verification and claiming, lack of hydration stations for the 42k runners I heard) which the organizers should be learning from on a go-forward basis and is due for an improvement.

We ate a late breakfast and I went straight home to rest. Here is my loot for this historical day: Run Loyalty Shirt (for actively participating on all four legs of this series including this historic event), 21k Finisher Shirt, 21k Finisher Medal, Finisher Bag and add-on from our distance sponsor - Alaxan FR Sunvisor and Alaxan FR drawstring bag.

Until next year! Hoping to see the minor flaws improved and a better running experience for all of us. Until the next event. Train hard, run happy!

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