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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Someone Special

"Do you have someone special in your life? It's very good, romance is very inspiring."

I was struck when I first heard this question and the line after that. Do I have someone special in my life? I say YES, because there is and that someone special is not ordinary special, for me, its VERY VERY VERY special.

Then what keeps me from being single and not even try dating?, some would then ask. Honestly, even I myself keep on asking this questions over and over, sometimes, every time before getting a shuteye. Am I spending too much time at work? Maybe. Am I holding back? Or maybe, I'm ignoring this "someone special" thing because I have other priorities like taking care of my siblings. But isn't taking care of myself also one of my priorities? One aspect of this is having that "someone special" by your side, to share ideas and dream dreams together.

Am I really that "Helpless Romantic" while I enjoy watching romance films, I cannot even have my own romance. Am I too contented with what I have now and deny the fact that I need this and God wants me to enjoy this? Is it me waiting for destiny to work its magic? When I look around, I realized its not just destiny, but our actions, conscious or as unconscious as it may be, play a role with what will happen to us and how we wanted things to happen.

To quote from a movie I saw, "I guess destiny is not the path given to us, but the path we choose for ourselves." I learned today that I have a choice and the power to make things happen, all I have to do is act.

I know who and what I want. I just need to act on it. We'll see, Valentines Day is coming up in four weeks. We'll make things happen.

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