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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pickpocket 101

Last Thursday morning, me and my office mates went to the gym for our routine workout. We ride a jeep that was on a route to pass Festival Supermall in Alabang in which Slimmer's World is located. Upon boarding the jeep, I was seated beside a strange looking guy. When that REO Speedwagon (In my Dreams) song came up in the radio, the guy sang with it near my ear. I didn't mind the guy but after a few more times of repetitive singing by my ears, I showed him my discomfort and moved away from him (luckily there was a space to move away from Mr. Singer :p)

When the dud got tired of singing, he dropped of from the jeep in haste. After dropping off, the lady in front of me immediately blurted out "Dinudukutan ka po niya" ("that man is trying to pickpocket you"). I really was not aware that may pocket is already being "molested". Fortunately, I have a habit of removing my cellphone from my pocket and placing this in my bag. The only thing that man could run away is my face towel and my coin purse. 

Thank goodness I did not lost any valuable items and my life was not endangered. So for those of you who have daily trips along Alabang-Zapote Road, just BEWARE and BE ALERT at all times!

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Karate Kid

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I got the chance to watch Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith's new movie last June 27, 2010 and it did not disappoint. I was surprised that even after one week, the seats are still full, needless to say when I got in it was SRO (standing room only. I got in when the movie was halfway done but it did not discourage me. Being a Jackie Chan and a Kung Fu fan, I appreciated the whole movie, the elements are in there, comedy, action, drama, love story, all in a 2 hour movie.

I will not play spoiler but would like to share one line that struck me most, the line that Jackie Chan told Jaden Smith before the start of the tournament and it goes like this - "Life will knock us down but we can choose weather or not to get back up." It made me realize that it is not important how you have started but it's how you finish that counts. See, in life, things does not always go your way but the important thing is how you face and deal with adversities.

I highly recommend this movie to everyone, very well made.

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