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Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentines Day 2010

Valentines Day is fast approaching, 7 days to go as of this writing. Love is in the air, so they say. Well for me, looks like its going to be another ordinary day. The last time I've celebrated Valentines Day with someone is last 2005. My friends and colleagues ask me this question, "Why don't you try to have another relationship again?" My answer is simple, "Because I don't like to." Plain and simple. I mean, I'm not that desperate to have someone right now. I enjoy being single although at times I can't help but look and admire at couples at malls or in the streets. I've been with some girls and I don't feel anything, really. So, it's unfair to just court some girl just because I want to have a partner right now, it would be unfair to her. Anyway, the company has set out an overnight swimming party just a few blocks from the office on February 13, but before that, I'll be in Antipolo (another swimming) in the morning for my grandmother's birthday. Maybe I'll be asleep all day on the 14th. What a way to celebrate Valentines this year. Who knows, maybe the company's swimming might turn out well for me. :)

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